For Supply Chain optimization

The logistics and transport industry finally has a lean supply chain solution to improve tracking technology.


Simple as stick a …

For the first time you have real-time confirmation of the opening of the package by the end customer.

This new technology has a name STICK TRACKR

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    Certified and production ready

    Sticktrackr is the only one Sigfox ultra-low cost certified and production ready tracker. We are supporting RC1 (Europe/Africa) zone. Our product has been succesfully tested in RC2 (US) and RC4 (SA and Asia)

    Howdoes it work?
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    Use Cases.

    Discover some use cases to illustrate the advantages of STICKTRACKR in the logistics and supply chain industries.
    See how STICK TRACKR positions itself as a game changer in its domains.

    Use Case #1
    Manage delivery

    Track your shipments worldwide in real time with Sticktrackr!


    Sticktrackr, is a small PCB measuring 7×2 cm and with a thickness of less than 5mm. It can be slipped inside any packages and its record breaking autonomy allows you to have a traceability during 15 days!

    Combined with a magnetic proximity or a photosensitive sensor it will allow you to know when the customer opens his parcel!

        1. Insert your Sticktrackr on your package
        2. Track it until it is delivered
        3. Get an instantaneous feedback when the customer opens the package
        4. Get your tracker back and reuse it!

    Use Case #2
    Track your goods

    Locate and manage your goods!


    Track your equipment, find out if your equipment is still in your warehouse or if it is being used by a user. Follow your equipment and finally ensure that it was sent back to you.

        1. Insert a sticktrackr in your equipment
        2. View the inventory of your equipment and its geolocation
        3. Record your equipment activity
        4. Reach out to users when the loan/lease period is exceeded to renew it
        5. Validate the return of the material in your warehouse

    Use Case #3
    Downstream in the supply chain

    Manage your production!


    In order to control your production you need to know your stock level throughout the downstream chain of your supply chain. Thanks to sticktrackr you will be able to know in real time the inventory of your products and their location.

        1. Insert a sticktrackr in your product
        2. Locate your products in your warehouse, out for delivery or at your customers’ premises
        3. Control your production according to your stock level
        4. Be proactive ad advice your customers on their stock level
        5. Optimize your storage costs

    The world’s cheapest IOT tracker !